video player mod , just like the ets2 or fallout ones

  • regardless of how or why id want this , just for some really long flights it would be awesome to have a tablet in the cockpit be able to play videos. silly , but very awesome.
    like euro truck long hauls il stick on a few episodes of family guy or something ha , as there are multiple things in the game that changes frames inside glass already , surely this has to be possible at least?
    even to have a tablet change screen at 14-20 times a second would be good enough , clearly the pfds garmins and gps ect arnt just pics and are data to be shown at any given point to make a picture but ive seen a lot of custom planes with extra glass tabs for stream decks or something the like , now that can have pics on as ive seen , how would one go about programing this? id love any info on this anyways , its obviously possible i just don't know where to start! is there a place where one can pay for mods to be made if this is out side my programing knowledge??