Adding parking to existing airport creates duplicate ICAO in GPS in MSFS2020

  • MSFS2020
    I am having an issue. I am using the SDK to create these. I want to add a parking spot at several airports and add a helipad over that parking spot. In order to add either I have to first add airport. I do this and use the same ICAO code as the existing airport and the same name in the properties. I can then add a parking spot and then place a helipad over that parking spot. save and build the project and load it in the sim and all works as I want it to except when I go to my GPS to create a flight somewhere and I put the ICAO in for the airport that I edited it shows “duplicate found” and I have to select one of the two and then it works. Which is OK, it works, but I realize I must be doing something wrong because there shouldn’t be a duplicate ICAO.

    Anyone that can help it would be greatly appreciated.