Is there a way to select SimUpdate5 for searching

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Is there a way to select UD5 for searching” to “Is there a way to select SimUpdate5 for searching”.
  • Well what im doing is, downloading as usual, but only installing 1 at a time, then testing to see if it works. I think thats the way to go at the minute, because you can never tell. i had a lot of mods that didnt work after the update, then Microsoft did a hotfix yesterday, and they work again, so its not necessarily the fault of the mods themselves, but what the bugs are in update 5.. Nightmare...

  • Go to Search, type in something (anything),


    Go to the Tabs field Where it currently says "All Tabs"

    Type in "compatibility with sim update 5 has been confirmed" (no quotes) (or possibly just "5 has been confirmed")- ignore the messages telling you that no such tag exists or whatever it says

    Click "Apply"

    You'll see all the addons that are confirmed as compatible with sim update 5.


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  • That happened to me for the first time today, as well. I have no idea why the site would block this type of assist, but who knows?

    OK. Try this:

    First of all, (make a backup copy of, and) delete the Community folder where your addons are located, so that there can be no doubt that when FS recreates it, after you run the Sim the next time (about now), it will be clean and empty.

    Go to your avatar (recognize mine) in the website...

    '''and click on My Downloads ...

    (Mine's empty, 'cos I've downloaded all that have been listed for me)

    ...And download any outstanding updates queued there.


    ...Click on Sorting, and select Recent Update. Now...

    ...Select Up-to-Date and you will see...

    ...a listof all the addons that you have downloaded.

    You will see that we cunningly sorted them by Recent Update so that the dates in the second column are in descending order - most recent first.

    Scroll down until you get to July 30, 2021. Everything ABOVE this will be fine to use. Everything BELOW this needs to be excommunicated until a patch has been done, which you will know, because your My Downloads tab will have new entries that you will need to download and install.

    If it helps, you can copy / paste the contents of the spreadsheet, and paste them into MS Word.

    It takes a bit of manipulation, but you can using Macros, convert the data into a table - I've done it, and I may upload the macro so that others can use it, too.

    Well, that's it - and it took a lot longer writing this up than it did to actually do it myself! I hope it helps