A320 NEO by FlyByWire Simulations

  • It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's Airbus 320 Neo mod by the awesome FlyByWire simulations community! The best mod out there right now and it is completely free! It is a freeware study level Airbus A320 Neo for the most beautiful game - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Without this mod, I don't feel like flying as the default A320 Neo has a lot of INOP buttons which makes flying unrealistic. So far with this mod, I am well satisfied and hope to see more from this awesome community. This mod completely changes my flying experiences and so far no crash yet. One of the best features in this mod is that you can even send messages to other pilots flying using the MCDU!. I am really looking forward to their next project, which is the Airbus 380. I can't wait!:)