Help installing scenery

  • Hello. I recently decided to install some scenery (specifically this: but when I copied the file (klex-bluegrass) that was inside the zip folder and pasted it into the "community" folder inside of "packages" and launched flight simulator nothing was changed. I followed every tutorial I could find and nothing worked. What is odd is that I have been able to install liveries just fine. Is there something I'm missing?

  • Ensure that the folder structure looks something like this:

    Community Folder/klex-bluegrass/*a few files and folders including a layout.json file*

    Sometimes zip files create secondary levels of sub folders which causes MSFS to not read the file.

    PS. There is also a small chance the new update might have broken some addons or stopped them from working or loading.

    PSS. You can also use one of the mod managers available on to install the addons which generally always places it in the correct structure.

  • I got an addon manager and set it up and it installed the scenery correctly but it still doesn't work. I even tried some recent scenery packs and none of them worked so I'm 90 percent sure it is just a setting that I am not aware of.