CS777 Tips to get it working?

  • Oooh boy. I got the 777-300ER from captain sc*m (a decision I am regretting on an hourly basis) and where to begin?

    While I managed to get Salty integration to work, I have absolutely no luck steering the thing around any airport. I know it’s not my system, I move the Asobo 748 in a turning circle like an Olympic gymnast. Anyone have any advice for getting this tank around an airfield? Maybe some magic setting or button I’ve somehow missed?

    Feel free to share any other tips to help make this thing of …err ‘beauty’ at least flyable.


  • No.....unfortunately it just doesn't steer and I think it needs to be re-written. Being half 747 probably has something to do with it. And maybe the fact that the front wheel doesn't turn may add to it. I really don't know, but it's crap. I bought it; flew it one time and deleted it. It just ruins the whole experience of the sim as far as I'm concerned. It either works or it doesn't and that one doesn't.

    Put it in the same can with the A-10 in the market place. Use them for fire wood.