FS Overlay and Fuel Manager

  • Hi guys,

    I am at the beginning of developing two little add-ons, primarely for myself to be used within MSFS. The first will be a simple overlay that can be used for streaming or recording purposes. The addon will be able to connect either via simconnect or FSUIPC (the free version) and grab a customizable set of variables from the simulator to be displayed on screen. The display can be adjusted and different templates will be applied to get started.

    Another add-on is related to fuel management. As I have problems writing and adjusting the fuel and cargo amounts to the loadsheet values I need, I plan to release a little tool that enables me to set and maintain those values from outside the sim. Something similar like Aerosofts A320 Fuel tool.

    If you want to keep updated on this (although I will post releases and regular updates here), you can also join my discord, given in my signature.