Being Driven Mad by mods

  • All,

    Mods are just not working for me. I am running version of the game.

    I have downloaded various spitfire models off this website and unzipped them into my community folder. I have identified the location of this community folder using the developer mode and it appears to be in the normal place:


    I restart the MSFS and nothing has been added, I still have the standard 20 planes.

    Do I have to do anything special with the files I have unzipped?

    I just want to fly a spitfire around the Lake District it can't be that hard.


  • The easiest is to look in the Aircraft section (5 below "Liveries", where you may or may not have found the Spitfire liveries).

    Another way is to look at the size of the addon - if it isn't very large, suspect that it's a Livery.

    If you can't find it there, or in a similar location on another flight sim site, it's probably payware - just like the Spitfire that's available in the store inside MSFS 2020.


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  • Some of the free ones are good, but most don't work in VR as they are FSX rips.

    The best free one so far is the Cessna C172 amphibian.

    The 2 payware ones I have are the Spitfire and Bell 47G chopper.

    The Bell is amazing and well worth the bucks.