game ask me to install patch again and download 118gb

  • hi,

    when i load the game a screen appear and ask me to install the last patch again 1.7... and ask the patch of the game

    i remember that i already happened in the past and i solved like renaming a folder or whatelse but now i totally forgot how to do..

    any tips for me please?

    P.S.: does someone know when the next patch will be released? i read somewhere that the new patch make the game faster... i've a 2080 and vr (hp reverb) and to play to maximum detail is not so good.. in city nearly impossible

    thx for all the tips :)

  • Here is a representative sample of what you can get from the website.

    These are from…-2021-development-update/ but generically, if you go to and scroll down, you'll find a page of these (and more) for every upgrade to the sim.




    You'll also find posts like this…us-flighting-opportunity/ which deals with just what you are looking for information on.

    To be fair, is a dedicated add-ons site, and I reckon that it does a good job in that role.

    But if you want support for the Sim itself, I'd recommend you go and dip your toe into, which is the official Microsoft/Asobo site, and where you can find the answers to most of your direct MSFS2020 questions - either by using the News pages, the FAQ page, or the forums. And if you have a problem that you can't resolve WITH THE SIM ITSELF, you'll most certainly find that is the place to rummage around for your answers.


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