Trivia & Contests?

  • This is a suggestion for a future addition to the flightsim site. I am not sure if its really "off topic", but I was not certain where else to put it. I love seeing the community screen shots on the homepage and have always enjoyed the few informational articles you provide. However, what if we had a slide for daily aviation trivia? Provide a real world picture and and a brief caption. For example: Did you know the B-2 Stealth Bomber was revealed to the world in a Honda Civic commercial a month before the USA acknowledged its existence? In addition to random things, some can also be topical like "33 years ago on this date" type information.

    In addition, maybe we can work a contest into the trivia on a weekly basis. Maybe to commemorate a plane crash or a heroic pilot. For example, the pilot of UPS 6 who battled to land his plane while being engulfed in fire. He never stopped trying to find the airport until the last seconds when he knew landing was impossible and turned the plane away from populated areas and crashed in open desert. For the contest: ask creators of liveries to recreate that particular plane. Scenery experts to add clearer pictures of the memorial sites. Memorials of many aviation accidents are designed to be seen both close up and from the air. It's just as idea... but if my nerdy love of trivia combined with love of aviation is shared by others, I think we would all get a kick out of it.

    If anybody thinks its a good idea, I would even offer to curate the information. What do the rest of you think???