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  • Hi gryper,

    There are 3 new Static AI packages on the site. For some reason, typing Static into the search doesn't find them, but if you search on FSMM, they will come up for you. I suspect that if these are successful, he/she'll be making some more in the coming weeks.

    Attention Mods

    - is there a problem with the search function? Using this search I found 2 of the 3 packs of static aircraft by scanning through (currently) 17 pages of results! I never found the third package. By using this search: I found all three straight away. But I shouldn't have to plow through 17 pages worth of (mainly) POIs and other random scenery and other packs to find just 3 packages, just because I don't know the author.

    It appears that the search is a simple dump of all addons that have the word or words that you input. putting static ai in quotes ("static ai") finds nothing as does "Static AI" or 'static AI'. And quite honestly, relizing that these would be under "Utilities" "Miscellaneous" appear to be a long bow to draw, but probably the ONLY category that the author could find that wasn't, well, just wrong! I'd suggest that these are akin to Libraries, rather than utilities, and

    Can this be made into a more useful search - it must be really difficult, especially for these non-plane/non-scenery/non-landmark type of entry. Perhaps with Sheds, etc, in Scenery Enhancements - Libraries would be more appropriate, or even perhaps a new tag under Scenery Enhancements


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  • It looks like the Search function recently got severely downgraded. As far as I can tell, it now only searches for your search terms in the name of the package. It used to search the description as well. I am guessing that the new search will work better for JohnG's use case. But it is next to useless when searching for all sceneries in a particular state, since most of them don't put the state name in the title of the scenery package. Can we get a search option to control the scope of the search so that JohnG can search for "Static AI" in the package title only, and I can search for "Idaho" anywhere in the title or the description?