Airbus H135 Loss of Control

  • I am having a problem controlling the Airbus H135. Shortly after takeoff while in level flight it’ll suddenly careen violently left or right. I was also having a similar problem with other MSFS aircraft…I had to reload Windows 10 (for another issue), reinstall MSFS, and got new Logitech rudder pedals (I use the Saitek x 52 Pro joystick and throttle). I also noticed that the joystick twist grip rudder was still enabled and when I deleted that, I haven’t had the problem in any fixed wing planes…it was apparently conflicting with the pedals. But I am not able to sustain any flight in the H135 without losing control and crashing. I am a long-time helo pilot in P3D and was excited that somebody was able to create a helo for MSFS. But I cannot figure out what the source of this latest problem is.

  • Thanks for the tip...I'll watch out for that. I did go back and disabled all flight control and power management mappings on my HOTAS except for aileron and elevator axis, elevator trim (up and down), mixture axis, and throttle axis. I then took off from Juneau International Airport (PAJN), flew to and landed on the Herbert Glacier, then took off and flew back to Juneau and landed. No runaway or hardover. I hope the problem is now fixed (I don’t have any idea what caused it or what solved it…except maybe disabling the propeller pitch axis).