not [solved] anymore!!! Suggestion concerning Comments section

  • This here is my absolute favourite site concerning MSFS addons. So many features, very well and smart structured, extremely good site!

    I have just one tiny suggestion, concerning the comments section: i would prefer to have "return" or "linefeed" activated, to be able to keep text in a better readable format.

    As it is currently, it´s a bit difficult to read, especially when it´s a long(er) comment with many lines of text. Having the chance to use "empty lines" keeps it easier to read for the human eye.

    Maybe auto-change multiple empty lines to a single one, to avoid "spam", but please activate those "return" or "linefeed" formating options.

  • Thanks for the change, much better now!

    Is it so, that (currently?), that using a "return" in a text, generates 2 returns? So instead of 1 empty line, it creates 2 of them, makeing texts a bit "lenghty".

    I had this today ,when writung a livery request.

    Not sure, if it´s just me or a general thing, though.

  • Can you send me the link to that comment? Actually, the change was not implemented on requests yet, but only for files. I wonder.

    I made some changes, maybe its better now.

  • Exquisite Hi!

    Testing testing
    shift+return line

    return line

    ok... in THIS section here, it works, 1 return is just generating the next line, no empty lines. "As it should be in here"

    But take a look at…uated-airfield-in-austria

    no matter if i do an "Return" or a "shift+Return" or an "Enter", it displays an empty line.

    To be sure, i also added a screenshot of it, if my test-post gets deleted.

    I´m not sure, in what sections of the site this same effect may happen, but i am pretty sure, it´s not only there.

    Just to be sure: I´m on Win 10 (1909) and Firefox 84.0.2.

    Funfact: if i edit the message, the editor shows no empty lines!

    But saving the edited text will still display those empty lines in the posted thread.

  • Scooty

    Changed the title of the thread from “Suggestion concerning Comments section” to “[solved] Suggestion concerning Comments section”.
  • Scooty

    Changed the title of the thread from “[solved] Suggestion concerning Comments section” to “not [solved] anymore!!! Suggestion concerning Comments section”.
  • Hi!

    It still looks for me like in my screenshot... in Firefox!!!!

    Usind the new Edge browser, it looks as you see it and ad it´s supposed to be.

    So it seems, Firefox is a bit confused... or "something" is confusing it.

    We maybe need some witchhunter to convince Firefox to render this correctly?


    Sorry for the mess...

  • Use Chrome