Request: better hangar management

  • Hi everyone,

    this is a proposal for an addon I personally would find very useful (don't know if it is technically possible).

    Currently we don't have a "real" hangar of owned planes. Each time we choose an aircraft, we have to choose the model, then the livery, then the registration number, the callsign and so on. And it remembers the last ones used so we have to insert them manually.

    What I would like to have is an option that remembers the settings for each aircraft. So when I choose the C-172, it would be “my” C-172, with its livery, its name and so on. When I switch to the A5, it would show me its correct registration number, the latest used livery, and so on.

    Even better: it could offer me to save my preferred values as “owned aircraft” or something, so even if I switch to another livery or registration number, I can always return to “my” hangar.

    I have also made this proposal in the official Microsoft wishlist forum.

    Thanks for reading!


  • Well, you can already have a lot of that, especially if you use free addon planes. MFS Addon Collector allows you to put together "bundles" (for want of a better word) and each bundle can contain the plane(s) you want to load, and the livery(ies) that you want to load with them. You could package these planes with one plane plus one paint, and load that for tonight's flight, then take it out of the sim very easily so that it doesn't show up again in the sim until you choose for it to show.. You can put it back just as easily, and the plane can be in several packages, each with your favorite skin, and just load the one you want "this time". You can't AFAIK unload default planes, but you could also put together packages that just load, say, one airline's liveries into Flight Sim - BA tonight, UA tomorrow, or whatever.

    And if the sim allows you to unload default liveries, you could do that as well, so that you only have the liveries that you have chosen for that particular plane.

    If this doesn';t work for you, you should probably head across to, and lodge a request for a change to the sim - MS/Asobo do take notice of those, and are actually working through the highest user priorities.


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