Workaround/Guide to start the Dash8's Engines

  • Unfortunately since the last sim update, the Dash8 freeware posted on has had a bug preventing the engines from being started. The creator has not provided any fix to this, however I have found a small workaround to start the engines using slew mode. This is by no means perfect and does not always work on first try, however it allows you to spawn at a gate instead of on the runway where the engines have already been started.


    1. Go to start the plane's engines using Ctr+E. You will then hear the engines spooling up.
    2. Wait until just before the end of the spooling up sound. (Around 15 Seconds)
    3. Press Y to enter slew mode, then Y again to exit.
    4. After this one of your engines should have started.
    5. Repeat these steps to start the second engine.
    6. Both engines should now be started and you can taxi to the runway.