Feathering the Props with a Throttle Quadrant using FSUIPC7 (and King Air Throttle Beta)

  • So I searched everywhere and could not find any explanation on how to get the Saitek throttle quad to actually move the prop levers into feather detent section like l could in FSX driving the old Aeroworx B200.

    But I figured it out and thought I'd share.

    First, and unfortunately, you'll have to buy a key for FSUIPC7 from SimMarket for 25 euro to make it work.

    1. Clear any buttons assigned to the Prop lever detent buttons. (full down past the detent is detected as a button press) You can keep the axis you assigned thru MSFS just clear the detent if it was assigned.

    2. open FSUIPC while the King Air is parked ready to start on the tarmac.

    3. Go to "Assignments" Menu tab in FSUIPC and select 'Buttons & Switches'

    4. push down on the prop 1 lever to send a button press, it will pop up as Joy #B Btn #7 or something like that.

    5. to the right of that, check the box 'Select for FS control'

    6. below that click the dropdown menu under "Control sent when button pressed' and choose 'Prop Pitch 1 Decr'

    7. Check the box below this 'Control to repeat while held'

    8. then in the next dropdown menu below that 'Control sent when button released' choose 'Prop Pitch 1 Hi Ex1' This will put the lever back to bottom axis position when you release (or move back to the detent)

    9. When you click 'OK' it will send this to MSFS and you can test it by watching the lever move into the Feather zone.

    10. Repeat for the Prop 2 lever, selecting 'Prop Pitch 2 xxx' instead of course.

    That's it.

    This also works for Ceranado's Seneca V PA34T too. (but careful, it will stall out the engine 8o ) Sorry, I didn't try any other aircraft or the CH quadrants and of course I didn't try it with the Honeycomb quadrant because you bought them ALL! :rolleyes:

    For the King Air 350 Throttle Beta (essentially reverse thrust) follow the same procedure as above but for the throttle detents and use 'Throttle 1 Decr' for the button press and 'Throttle 1 cut' for the release.