• Greetings,

    Question for you fine folks flying the FBW A320NX...

    Anyone else having CTD's or am I just the lucky one.

    Last weekend flying KLAX-KMCO FL350 south of Lubbock, TX got the stutters and it stopped altogether, crash to desktop
    Yesterday flying KMCO-KMIA landed, taxiing into the gate (I have the payware KMIA) and parked. Shutting down AC and got the stutters, then crash to desktop
    Today, Flying KMIA-KTPA landed and as I was exiting runway on the highspeed, stutters and crash to desktop.

    The only constant has been the aircraft. I was using 2 different liveries. American and American OneWorld 8k.

    In the background I have Rex Weather and Lil Navmap running. Nothing else.

    Never had the CTD's prior to this past weekend.

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    **i7-9700k @ 3.60GHz, GeForce RTX 2070 Super, ROG Strix Z390-E, 32gb G Skill 3200 C16, 1 TB Pcie SSD, 850w Power**
    **Honeycomb Alpha Yoke, Logitech Throttle, Logitech Pedals**