Airbus H135 Night Vision

  • :!: Hello all, I'm a bush type flyer second only to helicopters. FSX had lot's and I almost didn't buy 2020 because it had none but then, FLIGHTSIM.TO...........amazing to see so much freeware on a single site. I have a believe is the 4th or 5th version of the H135.

    First thing I noticed is this version is a bit shaky, I say shakey because it's not the frame rates (29-36) but it seems like a normal helicopter vibration but a bit more at times. I mistakingly removed the prior version from my system the here they don't have archives, at least I didn't see any.

    My second help request is also with the H135 but it has to do with "Nightvision". It's a small file and I downloaded it from here. I don't think it's a "place it in comm folder" and it works type of file as with complete aircraft or sceneries. You end up with a .rar

    file and I know through sceneries I did for FS2004 and FSX I remember seeing .rar files but that's all I remember. I did see a short vid on it and all that was helpful is that he used page up and page down to activate it. It's nowhere in game config or aircraft setup

    and pgup and pgdn from the keyboard does nothing, it's hasn't been setup somewhere.

    Anyway, thanks for listening and ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • I THINK you're asking what you do with a .rar file. If so, it should unzip as does a .zip file does. If that doesn't work, then download 7,zip (it's free) and it will handle most of the more common compression types for you.

    If that isn't what you're asking about, I apologize in advance!

    As for archived copies. No, I don't believe that they do - given the number of addons, and the number of versions, it would be a huge storage expense - there are some big ones out there, and there are others that, although not big, get changed quite frequently.

    Now, have you downloaded the very latest version of the H135? If not, I suggest you do so. It's currently the completed, released version, and as I understand it, from now on there will only be maintenance versions, and possibly versions to take advantage of any changes to the MSFS SDK that may to be to their advantage. For a lot of addons, if you download, you'll find one or two earlier, stable versions available. (you select Download, and when it takes you to the download page, it will show you if there is more than one version to download, and give you an opportunity to select another available version, before the download starts.


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  • the tremors you are talking about probably come from a setting of msfs: camera shake. It is more than recommended to disable it with the H135.

    Regarding the RAR file, it is indeed a type of compression, decompressable with winrar (paid) or 7zip (free). The rest of the installation instructions are in the included read me file

  • Thanx guys........As for the shaking, it was my controller which in any instance the Yaw or rudder was not stable when in an idle position and was causing this "wiggle" I guess more accurately describes it. In the sensitivity settings it was more or less turned off. Time to replace this 10 yr plus controller, Logitech 3D pro. It sure has seen many airmiles.

    The issue with the Nightvision is that after reading the PDF I find that the shader program in this package has been confirmed that it will not work with any version of windows except the steam version only. Solves that issue.

    Thanks so much for the quick replies and help.

    I'm sure i'll need more help as I venture around the site and continue to acquire more joyful airmiles.

    :) Rotate and enjoy...................take care.