Some aircraft & all add-on liveries not appearing?

  • Ran out of storage space, fitted a new SSD and cloned the original drive to move MSFS over to new larger ssd, now MSFS has had to be reinstalled and a lot of freeware airplanes are not showing up and loads of add-on liveries, all not showing up yet they are still sititng in the community folder. Any clues whats going on and how to get my Community files back into the game? Even tried re-downloading a few again but they do not appear :(

  • May not be what you want, but I'd suggest that you get one of the addon managers that we have here, clean out your community folder, and use the addon manager to load them as you need them. I take it that you have the original zipped files for them all? (if not, your "My Downloads" tab will show you what you've downloaded, and give you links to each of the addons that you are missing.


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  • It could be that your MSFS after reinstallation changed its Community folder location.

    You can find its location using Developer mode in MSFS.

    Here's a video showing how to do that:

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  • Spot on Skystorm. Apparently cloning the old ssd to the new one then swapping them over was not enough to confuse MSFS - when I put the new drive in it asked for re-installation of many Gb of content. I assumed it would be installed back into old folder position now mimicked byt he new SSD but it reverted to default path leaving me with a new, empty vanilla Community folder. All sorted now.