Failure while importing .rdc file into Blender

  • Hello Developers and Scenery experts,

    I have started dealing with implementing scenery improvements into MSFS. It's challenging as these are my first steps into this huge world.

    Based upon the step-by-step tutorial from Flying Theston (thanks for this intuitiv explanation!) I captured a .rdc file successfully. However, importing it to Blender failes due to an unspecific error 'Failed to load the RenderDoc Module'. I have checkmarked the debug output in the appropriate setting area, but can't find the directory where its suppossed to be stored to.

    Is there someone who can help in general what can be the issue here?

    I appreciate your feedback!

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  • This:…lsImporter/ appears to be the whole import procedure, and certainly contains the phrase that you've reported. To my (untutorer) eye, it appears that the blender is looking for the module, and can't find it, hence the message.

    Thia appears to be simply an error reporting module, but the script does contain the following information, that may be useful to you(for instance, it tells you how to rum the app with a test module, to make sure that there isn't a problem with the tool). There is a reference near the bottom of the part of the script that I've copied below where you can get sample files (to help you configure your files, and to make sure that the tool is working OK on your PC)

    If you want to see any more of this script file, go to the reference I've supplied.

    MSG_CONSOLE_DEBUG_OUTPUT = """\nPlease report to MapsModelsImporter developers providing the full console log with debug information.
    First turn on debug output by activating the "Debug Info"-checkbox under Edit > Preferences > Add-ons > MapsModelsImporter
    On Windows systems console log is accessible in Windows > Toggle System Console (right click to copy).
    On Linux systems you have to run Blender from the console to get the debug output"""
    MSG_INCORRECT_RDC = """Invalid RDC capture file. Please make sure that:
    1. You are using the recommended RenderDoc Version for this AddOn
    - RenderDoc Version 1.5 - 1.9 for MapsModelsImporter <= 0.3.2
    - RenderDoc Version >= 1.10 for MapsModelsImporter >= 0.3.3
    2. You are importing from Google Maps or Google Earth web
    3. You were MOVING in the 3D view while taking the capture (you can use the "Capture after delay"-button in RenderDoc).
    Before opening a new Issue on GitHub please download a working sample file to check if this works on your Computer.
    Please be patient. If there's no error message it might still be loading.
    It can take a minute or two to load it and Blender will get unresponsive during this time.
    If it works with a sample file you most probably shouldn't open a new issue on GitHub but figure out how to use RenderDoc.
    Find instructions about using RenderDoc by searching YouTube for "Capturing Google Maps with RenderDoc"


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  • Thanks a lot John!

    Your feedback was very helpful indeed. I figured I used a wrong combination of tool versions.

    I installed MapsModelImporter V0.3.2 (instead V0.3.7) for the RenderDoc Version 1.9 that I use. However, the file still will not load. Error message has changed, though. It appears now the message from the script (the text from the source code that you have copied above). The same error comes up when I load one of the sample files. So, there seems to be another issue with my settings that I need to find out.

    And still I'm struggling to find the > Windows > Toggle System Console directory, where the debug information is supposed to be captured :( .

    I will keep searching and contact the tool developers if necessary.

    Thanks again, John!



  • ... just a quick update. I was able to solve the issue myself. Simply in changing the Blender tool to an older version (V2.83, the one that is used in the tutorials). I don't know what the incompatibility issue is with different versions of the entire toolset but if you choose the listed combination it works successfully:

    Blender- V2.83.17

    RenderDoc- V1.9

    and required Blender AddOns


    MSFSToolkit 0.40.0

    Take care!