Emerald Object Library - Now Available for use in Freeware

  • Hello all!

    Just a little heads up. After some consideration and nudging from the community, I have decided to make my "Emerald Object Library" available for public use in freeware addons!

    Emerald Object Library (EOL, for short) is a collection of models produced by Emerald Scenery Design.

    Emerald Object Library is built for and intended to be used with Emerald Scenery Design sceneries, first and foremost. With that said, I'm currently not taking requests to add objects to this library (Too many irons in the fire right now). Objects will be added as I create, convert or purchase them for my projects.

    Also, be aware that objects may be updated or (in worse case scenario) removed altogether. Usually I try to do this as seamless as possible, often replacing objects instead of removing them. No such notification of these changes will be published other than in the release changelog, so please give it a quick read after each update!


    Please read through the description and Terms of Use provided on the flightsim.to download page.

    The included readme.txt is currently out-of-date. An update was planned to go along with this announcement, however a new model is causing the sim to CTD, so it has been withheld for now.

    Emerald Object Library can be downloaded from here:


    See more photos on the download page.