Request: MSFS CB Radio

  • Would you like to have a built-in (add-on) for local communications while in flight? 5

    1. Yes, please! (4) 80%
    2. I'm too busy to talk while flying. (0) 0%
    3. I don't fly online or don't care about multiplayer capabilities. (1) 20%
    4. I prefer to use the currently available services/apps outside of the sim. (0) 0%

    I would love to be able to call and chat with other pilots in the vicinity of where I'm flying. I know that we can use services like Discord and Teamspeak, but that requires an external tool and previous arrangements to be in the proper server, channel, etc. It would be amazing to have an add-on that allows you to simply call on a common channel to make contact with nearby pilots. That is, if you can see their name tags, the radio signal should be able to reach them. Of course, you should be able to switch the radio off or simply ignore calls (just like CB).

  • It is true that it would be a real plus: I regularly go for a walk and meet other players, whether we follow each other for a while or that, in the end, we send each other a friend request or then, to start the simulator, and to see that friends are present there and to join them. Being able to communicate directly will make some things easier.

    It is also, it seems to me, something that should be integrated into the simulator, without the need for an addon to be claimed.