H135 Helicopter Problem

  • Hello

    I've been running the H135 Heli since .8 versions. It has just started with version .93 flashing the vertical end winglets on the rear horizontal wing and also flashing two other pieces at the rear of the landing bars.

    Is this a glitch in this version or do I have the model installed wrong? ?(



  • Yes I did. I first installed MSFS 2020 from GamePass then just bought it a week ago. So not sure if the folder structure is different from the GamePass location. But had been using the original Community folder thoughout.


  • Now that I think about it, I've also made changes to the Radeon driver software that had to do with refresh rates and other items. I will go back and set it to the defaults and see if that fixes it also..

  • Ok, I've stopped it from flashing the bits and pieces of the model, all I did was set my display quality from medium to high-end and the model stabilized. However the rear wing is just a straight wing without the vertical winglets on the ends. Not sure if that is correct or not, will go back to heli main page and look at the photos.

    There was no duplicate folder in my community folder, I always delete the old folder before unzipping the new model into the community folder.