Admins/Moderators.... whoever

  • I just want to get the attention of whoever thought 30 days is enough time to paint a plane in the "Requests" page.

    I don't know if "management" has a clue on painting planes, or not. That said, not all paints are easily done. Default planes have basic paint kits, and can easily be done. 3rd party planes, not so much. The MB-339 has an excellent paint kit, where as the DC Designs F-15 does not. I'm sure there are others.

    I decided to paint a "request" paint. However, there is no way it would or could be done in 30 days. I can upload a "completed" paint inside the 30 days, however, it will not be a finished project paint.

    I just want "Admin" to be realistic. Most paints will not be done in 30 days that are requested. You need to throw a bone and help us painters to paint. Otherwise, the paints requested, will not be done. Throw us a bone, make the time done 45-60 days.

    I'll upload my paint inside the 30 days so I don't get a penalty. But I'll also note that it is not a finished project. Ball is in your court!!!

  • Might be worth suggesting that the repaint responder be allowed to specify the number of days it will take them, rather than a fixed 30 days. That way, if someone picks an outrageous number, like 150 days, their repaint offer can be rejected without penalty.


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