Tag scenery as 'not compatible with latest sim version'

  • I've been busy the past couple of days submitting some ideas for improvements. Sorry about that. :D

    Mainly because I only just started fiddling with mods.

    Would it be good if we could tag a mod as 'not compatible with latest sim version'?

    Perhaps 10 downloaders have to tag it as such before it is accepted. Perhaps people can also counter vote it.

    Then when it is accepted, it receives a tag in the mod list with the thumbnails.

    The developer also could receive a notification on this.

    And then if after a month or 2 months it still isn't fixed, the mod could be unlisted.

    Else I think we will at some point end up with a bunch of not working mods.

  • Indeed, something similar to this is already planned. A new feature would allow users to vote whether a shared mod is working, not fully functional or broken, so we could assing a warning o it.

    But out of curiosity, have you found any mod that „is not compatible with the latest sim version“? I‘ve not seen issues with that so far.

  • I've been wary of using liveries as I heard they became issues when the game was updated. I did have trouble with a livery not showing (still not showing) after following instructions. I have not heard that happening with scenery, per se. I appreciate the setting that tells me I have an older version, but sometimes I notice there is no check mark at all when I do have the scenery. I think it might be the creator changing the file name? I'm still learning the ropes. Thank you for these services..

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  • After the latest MSFS Update to version all of the addon airports in my community folder that are not presently included in the simulator have now gone missing from the simulator's world. This also happened after USA update but a found a way to get back the missing airports. Unfortunately that does not work this time.

  • It is a problem now because creators may not be aware of a compatibility issue following an MSFS update unless they are informed by a simmer or they discover it themselves. The developers of MSFS have made it clear that community folder addon compatibility issues are the sole responsibility of the creator. How are creators even able to address a compatibility issue unless they are informed as to what the latest MSFD update has changed to make their addon incompatible. In the latest development update it appears that they are still tinkering with SDK airport creation tools. Faced with this situation I can certainly see why a creator would give up support.