Airport Request for Toronto Pearson (CYYZ)

  • Intro

    If like me you may have been slightly disappointed by the fact that Toronto's largest airport Toronto Pearson (CYYZ) wasn't getting made for FS2020 as a handcrafted airport and rather it's little brother Billy Bishop (CYTZ) you might be wondering "Why is that?" and I ask the same question to myself frequently.


    I ask you this simple question:
    Is any developer creating an addon that makes Toronto Pearson restored to it's real life glory?

    Because as far as I can tell, the answer is "No", please someone PROVE ME WRONG.


    I can hear the comments already of "FlyTampa is updating their addon of Pearson from FSX and P3D to Microsoft Flight Simulator" Unfortunately I believe this to be false. I've read their website multiple times hoping to see news about an update to Pearson for FS2020, but I have yet to see it, and because of this belief that Toronto is being updated I saw some developers bin their projects of making Pearson.

    Developing Near It But Not At It:

    One last thing to just talk about, it's something that kinda annoys me. Since release of the flight sim we have seen a tonne of tiny airports around Pearson released. Airports that maybe only a few people would fly into for a regular basis, so I ask, why be a tease and just release CYYZ

    Okay I was only joking with that last part, developing scenery takes time.


    Either can someone tell me if someone is making Pearson, and if not you can sign for this request I made on the request section...…nternational-airport-cyyz

    Anyways, thank you for reading, and have a nice day.