Tip sharing for setting up push-to-talk (PTT)

  • I wanted to find a way to assign my PTT button on my yoke so it works like it should in the real world. Took a bit of trial and error so I thought I'd share my solution. I imagine this might be useful when using VATSIM or similar.

    Apologies if this is totally useless :S

    Obviously you need a microphone (duh), and what we'll do is use its Mute/Unmute function. FYI I have a Jabra bluetooth headset and running Windows 10.

    First, install MicMute download | SourceForge.net

    In Micmute:

    - select your headset or mic in Devices

    - in Options/Setup: assign a keyboard shortcut (one key, no combination) to the mute/unmute function. I chose the Num *

    - in Options/Setup: select Transmitter mode

    - in Options/Setup: in Notifications, disable all (no popups, sounds, etc..)

    - in Options/Setup: select Start Muted

    Now let's install Antimicro: Releases · AntiMicro/antimicro (github.com)

    From the Antimicro UI it's pretty straightforward. Select your joystick from the list, push the joystick button you want to use for PTT and it will flash on the screen. Assign your MicMute shortcut key (Num * in my case) to this button, and you're done! Save your config too.

    Make sure you have both MicMute and AntiMicro running and you're in business.

    The nice thing about this is that to talk to ATC you hold the button down and when you release it it mutes you. Just like the real thing 8)