HPG EC135 Livery Request

  • Hey all;

    Real life Flight Medic, once upon a time based in Northern California but in Colorado Rockies for the last several years.

    With Helis in MSFS now, I am planning on creating some helispots, LZ's, Helipads and missions based upon my real life experience.

    But I have a request because I am teh suck at painting....I asked Crispy because his REACH and CalStar paints are the bomb but he's not painting right now and suggested I post here

    Would someone be willing to pain the HPG EC135 in a few liveries? I have in mind a few from my past..specifically Norcal PHI Air Med "Pink" EC135 (Weed Ca base), Stanford Lifeflight, and although they fly Bell hardware I would love to see a new model Classic Air Medical (UT, AZ, CO, ID, WY) paint as this was my last homebase....

    If someone wanted to do a full 4 or 5 ship pack I woudl suggest adding CHP and Henry-1 (Sonoma Sheriff) As those units also deploy Paramedics.

    I can provide Classic Air Medical and other pics if needed/wanted...



  • To the left of this forum, under the flightsim.to banner below the various download sections, is a section called Requests. Click on that and you'll see Liveries. Click on that and post your request there.

    Good luck.


    From Oz, Flight Simmer since FS1 - seriously since FS95

    Contributed to, and managed a site called ProjectAI for a time