Aircraft preview

  • Hello

    As a long time livery maker, I'm used to preview my WIP via external viewers like LOD viewer (used back then in Wing Over.. .series) or ModelConverter X (FSX, Prepar 3d)

    Untill now, I haven't found any for MSFS planes

    Do all "painters" use the sim right away to preview their work, or do you work via Blender and/or Substance ?

  • There are plenty of blender files available in User Content > Paintkits.

    I use a fantastic one for the A320 which allows you to both paint direct onto the model in blender, great for applying logos across joints for example, but you can also instantly import the png files to view them in real time instead of loading the sim.

    I thought I was late to the party in finding this out a few weeks ago but it's a game changer.