Can't compile the Package

  • Hello everyone, i sadly need help

    I've been working on this new project about Lamezia Terme Airport (LICA)

    I've arleady saved and compiled the file many times, in fact i arleady have a "beta" package of the addon with new scenery, new runway, correct parkings and new taxiways that actually works in the sim.

    I was trying to finish the project by adding some other ground lines and by adding the number markings to the parkings, by connecting them with the taxiway, when this happened:

    Saved the scenery, clicked on "Build Package" and

    the Package folder is untouched, it has the same savings of the previous work, but obviously doesn't have the new features


    I've spent hours on this and it would be very frustrating to have only a half-made work (I was also planning to share it here :c)