A32NX Standalone liveries

  • Regarding the recent announcement of the standalone A32NX mod which requires changes to the .cfg files:


    From reading the announcement, the official policy of flightsim.to was to LEAVE the original liveries as they are, and upload new ones which are compatible with the standalone version.

    I have noticed many livery creators who have in the last 2 days 'updated' their liveries to work with A32NX, and moved them to the correct A32NX category. However, they are now essentially 'broken' and unavailable for the original Asobo A320, and more importantly broken for the Stable Realse also. The stable release has yet to be ported over to 'stand alone', so anyone flying the stable release is now unable to use the liveries which have been incorrectly moved over to the A32NX folder and which, 2 days ago were working fine and in the A320 general category. I would guess that the majority of the community are using the stable release which present problems for them.

    This is more of a moan by me at those who haven't followed the policy so feel free to ignore me. I was a livery creator back in the FSX/P3D days, so I know what it's like and thank you guys massivley for the great work you do. But suddenly we seem to have lost a great load of liveries from the default/stable release category which have been incorrectly 'moved', rather than 'copied' to the new category.

    Basically, until the stable release ports over to standalone, all these liveries that were moved rather than copied are unusable without manually editing the cfg files back to the original verisions.

    • Best Answer

    While it is unfortunate, we explained clearly in the post that one should "not change or delete your already existing and uploaded liveries" (not blaming you, just pointing out that we did also take this into consideration). However, not everyone may read the whole post which probably explains these broken liveries now. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do from our side. I think your best bet might just be to leave comments on these now broken liveries telling the creators that they shouldn't have replaced the livery but rather reuploaded a fixed version. Hopefully, that will catch the creator(s) attention and cause them to reupload their original A320 version. Alternatively, if you are really keen on using the default A320 livery, you could always just revert the changes proposed here which should fix the liveries for the default A320.