Can the MSFS Addons Linker be used to change AI Liveries?

  • Looking to change all 3 Liveries of AI to Delta, JetBlue and American. I have the MS Store Load. Can I do it with the Addon Linker?

    If not can someone explain how to do it with the MS Store version of MSFS 2020 and Megapack. :?:

  • You certainly can using Addons Collector, and I suspect the same is true of Addons Linker. Both are excellent tools, BTW, but I think that the former has the edge, because it has a fairly detailed manual to assist you.

    With this tool (possible with ehter of these tools0 you can select the exact addons, including liveries, that you want to use in the sim for your next flight. If you want them permanently, then leave them selected between flights.

    This will work fine for liveries for the store version, or for the megapack.


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