15 minute waiting period

  • First off... really? I feel like you guys implemented this feature after one person complained about getting a troll review and jumped right into it. You should step back before you treat your site's users like children.

    But also, it doesn't work properly. If I download the mod and go back, I could still be locked out from leaving a rating more than 15 minutes later, as it doesn't check at the moment the AJAX pops up.

    If it were my site, I wouldn't do this at all, but since it is your site, can you at least fix it to work as intended.

  • We do not want users to leave reviews without even testing the product, let alone downloading it. Reviews should only be given after a user made his experience with the product. There have been a myriad of cases where the product actually has had more reviews than downloads, which cannot be. The fact that we put in a waiting period for this reason is industry standard and is handled in exactly the same way by our colleagues at NexusMods, for example, so it's nothing unusual or something that just we do. This is in the interest of the creator and all users. While it is certainly not a guarantee that people will try it before rating, it's a small countermeasure against review spam.

    After downloading, you should wait 15 minutes and then reload the page. Then there should be no problem after that.