navigraph fms data manager and msfs

  • I believe they have a MSFS data update in beta at the moment.

    Quote from Navigraph

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 integration status

    Navigraph offers an update service in Beta for the navigational database in MSFS2020 available to all our customers. The service makes a significant difference adding airports that are currently missing in the simulator, e.g. EDDS and ZBAD, missing procedures, e.g. ILS 16 at LIRF, missing navaids, VFR waypoints and much more. In order to learn more and join the Beta program, please visit our support forum.

    This is an ongoing project and we are regularly performing updates as reports are submitted in our support forum, and as the stability of the simulator itself is improving.

    We are still working actively with this project. The following revisions to the data format have been released since AIRAC 2102:

    • Revision 4
      • New installer that detect the correct data location (Marketplace/Webshop)
    • Revision 3
      • Multiple terminal procedures where DME navaids were missing (ie. EDDP) fixed
    • Revision 2
      • Logic fix for FIR/Center boundaries to avoid wrong hand-offs

    Please post any issues or bug reports in the support forum. If you like what you are seeing, feel free to post some screenshots using #microsoftflightsimulator and #navigraph.