AAAARGH! (Remove Everything)

  • On the download history page there are two buttons. One "mark all as updated" and one "remove eveything". I misunderstood the second of these to mean "remove everything on this page" whereas actually (according to the tool tip I noticed afterwards) it clears your entire download history. Why wouldn't it? Dohhh!

    ;( Now this was my own silly fault, I accept, but it would be good to have a "Are you really, really, sure you want to forget about all these add-ons that are being constantly updated, hmmm?" button.

  • Sorry to hear that, and you are right, it was not clever by us to implement this button without a double-warning. :whistling: However, this has been changed. Clicking the button now opens up a warning popup and asks the user to confirm again.

    While we are unfortunately not able to recover your history, you don't have to download everything again. You should be able to select "Add to Already Downloaded" on a files Action dropdown to quickly add it back to your list again, without actually re-downloading all the files. Sorry for the inconvenience.