How easy is it to redo an existing airport?

  • I flew out of salt lake international airport and it seems the jet ways do not get close to the aircraft. How easy would it be for someone who has never worked in fixing an airport in MSFS 2020? Anyone have any good tutorials that I can view to give it a shot? I use Skypark and SLC to fly so depending on contracts I fly out of a ton of different airports and I have found issues with a bunch of them like floating jet ways, floating lights, blue lights in the middle of the runways and taxi ways, etc.. I would like to try and start helping to fix these issues cause it takes away from the realism.

  • It takes small while to get the hang of it. You aren't able to modify the existing airport directly. You would essentially 'remove' Asobo's generated jetways, and add your own in the correct positions. Same for lights, taxiways, etc.

    There are several resources available on how to use the SDK to edit sceneries, many of them on Youtube.

    There is also the official documentation.

    I found these guides by Flying Theston to be very useful.

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  • I have begun using ADE by scruffyduck, which is available as a public alpha on fsdeveloper, to do just this. Limited in my abilities, including as said above not being able to replace or add buildings, but as far as aligning jetways, parking, and taxiways it works wonderfully.

    I have released an early version of KDAL, available (still working some kinks out). Also about to release KCVG using some of the knowledge i gained on that, and plan to work on more because you’re right. So much great scenery out there, but the USA is hurting.

    Tell me, does KSLC have the old terminal still or is it generating the new concourse? I might take that one on next if you would like?

  • I think its still the old one. So far its still the original airport that came with the sim so the jetways are still short of the parking. I tried to do it and again I give folks a lot of credit because I am awful at trying to redo the airport. I can program all day long in Visual Studio but I cant even make a good looking stick figure in paint LOL.