Boeing 737 Max addon review

  • So I purchased the 737 Max and I am highly disappointed so far with the plane. I know its still just 1.2 on the version but the plane just destroys my frame rate. Also the screens on the interior almost look cartoonish. It my just be me but so far with Msfs 2020 the planes that come with the game and even the A330 that project Mega have done so far are so much better. Normally I would just wait for it to be upgraded and its not expensive but I am asking them for a refund on principle. When your charging people for an add on they should make sure the quality is at least better than the free versions of planes that exist. Its kind of disappointing cause the 737 is one of my favourite planes to fly.

    I know my opinion may vary from others who are using it but just wanted folks to be aware of the frame rate issue. This is the biggest problem with the plane. I have built a whole new computer just for Msfs 2020 and have not had any lag or clipping at all even with most of the features on high and some on ultra and when just taxing and taking off its very noticeable, At this point it gets a :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: 5 thumbs down.