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  • When DC Designs released their F-15 Eagles, I was happy that it included the C model. And this is why. I painted the MilViz F-15E's of the D-Day Heritage Flight planes 2 years ago for FSX . The Red and Yellow tail variants. I couldn't paint the C model because it was never done. When I found the DC Designs Eagles, I started painting both the Red and Yellow tail F-15E's and the F-15C back in early February . I am close to uploading my paints of all 3 D-Day Eagles. Problem is, I noticed that someone has also released the same planes. I downloaded it to see how accurate the paints were. I don't intend on slamming what is available. But I'm curious if members would appreciate a second upload of the same D-Day Eagles or not. Why do I want to upload them?? Easy, they are more accurate in detail and done better.

    So, upload them here, or somewhere else??

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