How come authors refuse to tell us WHERE their airports are in the title???

  • I get that it may be annoying for you to first have to download the airports and load them in-game to find out where they are (especially if they aren't starred), but most airports on the website include a "GPS Coordinates" section directly under the airport's description where you can often find the location of the airport. You can then click on the coordinates to open Google Maps and view the location on there. I hope that helps :)

    Disclaimer: the coordinates have to be submitted by the airport creator themself which means they might not always be present or correct.

  • I would like it if authors used the following format: ICAO code, geographic location, author. E.g., ypad


    Do you mean the title on the site or the folder name? Because there's already guidance in the SDK for folder naming (creator-type-ICAO-name, e.g asobo-airport-lowi-innsbruck). I like your suggestion, but it only works for airports so we'd have to use a different convention for other types of addons and that would be really messy.

  • Recently, when I've found a package that should have at least a country flag / name, I go to comments and as just where the mod is in the world. If they respond I point out to them that by not putting the country name into the description, there is very little opportunity for anyone to pick it up by going through the country lists, and a generic search for a type of mod is becoming too overwhelming to go down that path when looking for a bit of scenery improvement. A couple at least appear to have taken that to heart, but I'm only doing it when I genuinely think that the mod needs the country that it applies to.

    I'd also suggest that this should not just apply to scenery, but to repaints, as well, especially for private aircraft. Just my 2c


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  • Replying to CptDeadstick, I am not too fussed about what the *.zip file is called, but I would like the layout I suggested to be what I see with scenery files when I open the *.zip file. My reasoning is that when I add a mod to the community folder, I change the title to my favoured format so that if I get a future mod for the same airport, I can easily see if there is already a mod for that airport. I don't want to have more than one mod for an airport *.bgl because that would probably cause a conflict, resulting in an unusable airport.