Livery and Addon Tutorials?

  • If you are artistically inclined and would like to make liveries you're going to have to learn some basic scripting to make your livery work. Every livery has a config file, and some other files, and to some it may seem intimidating. So something like, I'd love to make a livery but I don't program is a barrier to trying something that honestly isn't all that difficult. With a little practice even the most intimated artist can write a config file and make a livery. However some will never try. So I'm suggesting that those who are willing to share their knowledge to teach others how to do it might consider it.

    So I discovered that Visual Studio code is a wonderful text editing program for scripting and making liveries. Some programs like DCS World won't let you use notepad, and require a text editing program like Visual Studio Code or Notepad++ to write a config file. The various configuration files ".cfg" are necessary for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 to take your art files and make them actual usable textures in the game. There are other files like the "manifest" file that are basically configuration files that the game uses to locate your art and place it in the right place. If they are set up wrong, the livery won't work. So learning how to make a whole package is key to doing this.

    I am putting this out there because it has been my experience working with individuals who are artists (like myself) that some artists DO NOT CODE!!! That is not what I wanted to do as a graphic designer! So I get it but it's really super simple, and just like you learned how to make beautiful art, you can learn how to write and edit 32- 120 lines of simple code and how file paths work. I'm open to collaborating with anyone with knowledge who would like to share it with those who would like to learn by posting it here in these forms so we can get more cool liveries.