I'm afraid I have made some mistake

  • Dear friends,

    Several days ago I made my first upload, an little enhancement of LEAS Asturias Airport (Spain). It was my version 5.0. Today, I have finished a significant lot of improvements, so I decided to upload my new version (v17). But I am afraid that now the two versions are present as separate downloads. I didn't found the way to incorporate my new upload as an update of the previous one.

    Any help to solve this mess would be appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance for your help, and, about everything, for your great work.

    Felix FdC (Oviedo, Spain)

  • Thanks a lot, Exquisite. I have just learned how to update a previous version on an upload. I must say that I am impressed by the powerful interface of this page: the possibilities of uploading and managing versions, screenshots, comments, dependencies, etc, are truly impressive. Yesterday I was unable to find all these ressources by myself, but now I have been able to fix the problem thanks to you.

    Best regards,

    Felix FdC (Oviedo, Spain)