Content Manger has more than 100 addons market as "not installed"

  • The question is, how to delete them easily, because their name is not identical with their filename. The content-manger offers no option to delete files.

    An other question is: does FS2020 starts faster, when the number of entries in the contentmanager is lower.

    For understanding: a start of FS2020 via steam takes me up to 10-15 minutes, whereas starting my other flightsim "Aerosoft2", also via steam takes 30 seconds only.

    About my PC: CPU is a Ryzen7 3700X, 64GB Ram (DDR4 3200), GRAKA is NVIDIA GTX1070, (8GB RAM) Internet is 100Mbit/s

  • Most of my addons are from I've moved all of them to an other folder and the starttime of FS2020 afterwards was about 10 minutes only.

    So, to my opinion, it makes sence to make use of the addons-manager, which is also available with

    One then is advised to arrange the addons in regions and only the once's which one want to use in the current session are marked as active.