Multiple liveries single pack

  • Hi All

    I've making liveries for MSFS for some time but only one at a time and added straight away to the actual mod (as none were for stock aircraft).

    I ended up understanding how to add a livery as a separate pack (easier to distribute as no more file tweaking is required) but..

    I tried to pack a set of 3 liveries for a model, but only the first of the series appear selectable in the it so meant or how should my layout.json file look like to ensure all 3 liveries are usable.

    Thx for your time,

    Cheers , :)


  • Hey

    Can you package up your entire project folder and PM me a download link? I'll take a look for you.

  • Take a look at the structure of the liveries mega-pack. It shows you how to package liveries up - basically as separate directories within the package., like this

    The json file looks like this:

    And look in one of the mega-packs to see how the cfg files are structured (both at the root level, and at the repaint level.

    and that's about it, really


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