New dependencies section - Support for unlisted files?

  • I have an object library that I have finally converted and am starting to use in my latest addons. I have kept these libraries pretty much exclusive to my own sceneries ever since I started developing them many years back for FSX & P3D.

    I don't want to make them public because I am undecided on if I want others using the library just yet. The biggest issue is that I have hundreds of dollars worth of models I have outsourced or purchased that are currently in or will be coming to the package at a later date.

    I have uploaded the library to the site here as an unlisted file, so that users can more easily keep track of when an update is released. I would like to list them as a dependency under my addon(s), however it seems that only public releases can be added.

    Could this be modified to include unlisted releases? Maybe allowing it to only search your inventory, or require an internal link, to link to it.

  • I changed it now so that you should be able to also choose your own, unlisted files. However, keep in mind, other people will see the link that way. Other creators won't be able to add your library to their dependencies as long as you have it unlisted, but they can still use and download it. They also could simply copy and paste the link to your file in their file's description.

  • Thanks! I got it set up as a dependency now.

    The download is public on my website, so I'm not really worried about others finding the download. I more just didn't want it to show up in the libraries section and someone assume that they can use it since it's listed there. It's always been a honor system and (knock on wood) nobody has defied it yet.

    Not to say there isn't a first for anything, but hopefully one at least asks permission first.