Suggestion: Proper Mod/Addon manager software

  • It would be super convenient to have a program that allows you to download and install addons with one click, since both the website (web based downloads manager) and the mods (the folder structure is usually the same) are already halfway there, it shouldn't be too difficult (relatively, of course) to set something like this up, and it would make installing and managing addons sooo much easier.

    It would of course be ideal to have this available for free but since I see the servers already occasionally struggle to keep up it would be understandable to make it paid, a big Sims addon site uses a similar system where paid users get access to a mod manager. I'd personally happily pay a couple euros a month to get one click downloads and updates. I also think it would be a nice non-invasive way of paying for things like server costs while keeping the core part of the website free for everyone instead of imposing annoying artificial download limits, should it ever come to that.

  • I support an idea of having perhaps not a fully fledged mod manager (there are already a couple of them out there) but definitely an application that would allow for:

    - downloading a mod into a custom location (this would allow the user to create his/her own mod folder structure used by e.g. MSFS Addons Linker) and remember the mod download location

    - on a click of a button to update the mod (basically replacing it in its location - thus keeping its location within the mod folder structure)

    A prerequisite would of course be to strictly stick to compatible structure of the mods so that they would be ready to be used by this install / update application (not all mods are zipped on the same folder level).

    I would also be happy to pay for having this app as a way to support the website.

  • Thanks for your suggestion. That kind of software is very popular with the community, as we often get this suggestion. At the moment, however, we want to concentrate fully on the website, as it is still in need of improvement. A program is certainly an advantage for convenience, but we must first finalize the website before starting the next big project.

    If there's hurry, in some time we may offer an API that allows third-party developers to provide such software themselves, by connecting to via the API. But for the time being at least, I cannot give any precise details.