Flap Issues After Update 3

  • I noticed that my flaps have random issues after upgrading with the third upgrade. Sometimes They are in the full down position and won't go back up, sometimes it's the opposite, and usually restarting the game, or restarting my PC solves it. However I Got in the Cessna Longitude today and right before take off I thought the flaps weren't down 1 notch. I've flown this many times before any upgrades, and I didn't realize that I had deployed the flaps too far, and I kept hearing "LANDING GEAR, LANDING GEAR, LANDING GEAR,LANDING GEAR." So I adjusted the flaps and the annoying horn went away.

    This is a two fold question. First of all isn't there a 3rd party fix for the flaps? Secondly the freaking horn never turns off even when you bind a button to make it shut up. I'm aware I'm slowing down, and I know I'm landing or I wouldn't have deployed my flaps, but the Beechcraft King Air is notorious for doing this in the game, and now the Cessna does it too. How do I fix both problems?

  • Thank you. So It works on most planes, but I went into the Cessna Longitude folder and the config file is an "FSARCHIVE File" not a .JSON file that you can edit with a text editor. There is another file that seems to have the information it's a config file, but I'm not so sure I feel comfy editing it right now, in the many places it will need editing. I know once I do edit it right it will solve the issue with the excessive drag when flaps are deployed, but if I'm not careful I could screw up the whole flight model and make it worse. I really really hope a fix is released really soon to correct the mistake they made somewhere.