Help with Scenery please

  • Hi everyone, I am in need of some help please - I am obviously doing something wrong.

    I have just joined and download my first scenery packs (Los Angeles and Disneyland) - I have extracted both folders and copied them into my community folder, started the sim but they don't appear to be working.

    As I installed the Sim into a custom location I have checked in Dev Mode, Watched Bases that the correct Community folder is listed there, and it is (not in the c: drive which also has a community folder)

    Is there a way I can check if the scenery is "seen" by the sim? - I have been exiting the sim, deleting them, trying again, exiting sim, copy the extracted folders in again, start sim, try again to see if there is any difference but so far I cannot see any difference :(

    Clearly I am doing something wrong and would welcome any help.

    Many thanks.