Leeds Castle Kent ad UK update

  • I contacted the MS Forum to ask if they knew whether Leeds Castle Kent was in the new UK update, thier reply was that they did not know at this point in time. The next thing I asked was would I have to delete my Orbyx UK addons like London City Airport,the City of London Scenery etc etc, their answer was that I should delete all the addons for the UK, If this is fact surely they should not still be selling these add ons, I have bought all the UK ones that Orbyx have done. :(

    So I open this up for your thoughts.

    Lastly if Leeds Castle Kent is not in the UK update can I put in a request for that please. :)

    Well done to all the contributors on this site who submit Add Ons and also to Flightsim.to for facilitating it. :love: :love: :love: