Two Issues Any Fixes?

  • As skeptical as I was about purchasing another version of Microsoft Flight Simulator, I caved and bought it. I used to play MS FS years ago I forget what versions ( and I played the first version in the 80's). So one day I tried to take off from Bob Hope Airport ( Burbank) and there was a huge cliff on the runway and I crashed. Now in actual life there's no 2 foot straight drop that I'm aware of, I think that would get the runway shut down for repairs. So I noticed it in a few other airports. So this is obviously an issue with the game that needs to be fixed by Microsoft and it was disappointing that after spending what I spent that this was the product they released. How many airports have this issue and is there a team at Microsoft earing their paychecks to fix it?

    Second issue is bridges. Who made them invisible walls? Although you should never fly under a bridge in real life on a simulator everyone will eventually try. Problem is in the game it's an invisible wall with the exception of 1 bridge I found so far. Are there 3rd party fixes for this? reason I ask is I'm having serious doubts that Microsoft or Asobo will correct this, it would be nice if they would though.

    Otherwise I'm really pleased what what they put out so far, just wondering when or how to correct these issues.

    Cant fly under bridges?  Check out this video.