Some scenery addons are causing a crash to desktop (CTD)

  • I posted this response to the flight simulator forums in response to what amounts to the same issue - reported in that case for LFOU, and later extended to other airports including Orbx airports.


    Ok, I figured this out.

    This can happen with any add-on scenery, whether purchased from the Marketplace or downloaded from the interweb (e.g. and added to your community folder.

    And you can fix it yourself. It’s quite straight forward.

    What’s happening is that sometimes scenery developers are leaving behind some of the default folder names as they are initially created in the template for a scenery project. Then later, when you have more than one of these scenery addons installed with default names there is a name clash on the folder itself, or more likely one of it’s contained files, that can cause your CTD.

    If you look inside the LFOU addon folder, then the MaterialLibs folder you will find a folder called ‘mymaterials’. Here is the cause of the potential name clash.


    If you look at the same sub-folder in most other scenery addons you will see that this folder name has been changed to something unique for that airport.

    To fix this - simply change the name of that folder to LFOUmaterials. I always use the ICAO code for the airport followed by ‘materials’. This is unlikely to result in a name clash since the ICAO codes are unique to an airport. (I know - teaching grandma to ■■■■ eggs - sorry ).


    Then, at the root folder for the addon scenery you will find a layout.json file. It’s a text file. You need to find and replace each instance of ‘mymaterials’ with ‘LFOUmaterials’ or whatever you called it.


    I also recommend two tools to help you with this. You need a good text editor for the find and replace operation. There are many good free text editors. I use ‘VSCode’. I also recommend using ‘Agent Ransack’ to search for any files with the file/folder name your changing. With this tool you’ll have confidence that you changed all the files/folder names that needed changing.

    I will raise an issue with MS on this issue. There should be some protection against default names that can cause a CTD - obviously.

    ps - I also had the same issue with some superb scenery I downloaded from It is the NZ Westport scenery (NZWS) by NZA. The same fix works for that scenery too. I informed those developers and they are going to provide an update with the fix.

    pps - I ran Agent Ransack on my whole OneStore folder and found the same issue with an LFTZ I purchased, and again on my Community folder and found the same issue with a YMAV & LOWK I’ve added.

    ppps - I raised the issue with MS. It’s ref #91930

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